When you live and work somewhere, it’s very easy to miss out on everything that it has to offer. You repeatedly put off visiting attractions/seeing the sights, because, well, why rush? There’s always tomorrow, and the day after that.

I’ve been living in London for just over a year and a half, and the Saturday just gone is the first time I’ve done anything ‘touristy’, just for the sake of doing it.

Being a tourist for the day, however, didn’t mean I wanted every other tourist getting in my way, so we caught the first train into Charing Cross (5.40am..) and wandered down to Trafalgar Square. At that time of day, it was a bit of a mess; city workers were out in force, picking up litter, and trying to move people on who were asleep on benches. This wasn’t very interesting though, so I concentrated on the more obvious points of interest.. (more…)